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Sponsorship required:
RM35,000 or USD10,000 per guest room

There are 20 sponsorships available and these sponsorships will finance the building of the whole ladrang and guest house. Smaller contributions of any amount are also welcome as a fund will be set up to run and maintain the ladrang.

Giving is the first of the six perfections and donations to holy causes, such as temples, Dharma books and statues, create much merit. Merit gives the benefactor more opportunities to be able to connect with the Dharma and gain its wisdom. The opportunity to sponsor or to contribute to the building of a place of prayer is especially auspicious and it should be seen as a rare chance to practice Dharma and rejoice in the growth of Dharma.

Sponsors and donors will be anyone who understands, values and supports H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and the purpose of his ladrang. Sponsors can be individuals or consist of groups of people who wish to combine to support this effort to build a house for one’s Guru.

If we have a firm wish to have a strong connection with Gaden and its founder Lama Tsongkhapa – if we have an earnest aspiration to connect with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche for this and many future lifetimes - this would be the perfect opportunity to create the causes, today.

To contribute, please contact Sharon Saw +6012 489 4891 or email anytime...

Wonderful email from a recent donor:

Martin Lin, Canada:
        I have been listening to Rinpoche's teachings on the Internet and I feel very grateful to Rinpoche, you and all the people at Kechara House for giving me a chance to learn the Dharma and to donate something that can benefit people toward learning/practicing the Dharma. Although I use my name for the money transfer, please put the "Lin family" as the sponsor as I want to dedicate this to my parents.
        May Rinpoche be long-lived, healthy and keep turning the wheel of Dharma and everyone at Kechara House long-lived, healthy and keeping up with your good work.

35,000 马币或10,000万美金(一间客房)





有意捐助者,请联络苏舒美(+6012 489 4891) 或邮址


    To contribute, please contact