“Our land there in Gaden to build is very spacious and excellent location. We have fund raised for so many depts n rightly so. And haven’t the chance for Gaden Ladrang. Once it’s built, its very useful for us and sends positive strong messages to many within Gaden and outside of Gaden. I don’t have house in Gaden anymore so it will be necessary. Once there is, I would like to take short trips there to retreat, connect, relax in Gaden from time to time.” - Tsem Rinpoche, 12 November, '07

尊贵的詹杜固仁波切, 2007年8月12日


Plans for Tsem Ladrang

Excerpt from an email from Tsem Rinpoche dated 22 November 2007:
“Last year I acquired land from Gaden Shartse monastery right next to H.H. Gaden Tri Rinpoche!!! So I would like to rebuild a Tsem Ladrang Guest house in Gaden. As more and more of us are visiting Gaden, we need a place to stay within the Monastic grounds to retreat, visit and so on.

Geshe Puntsok has kindly agreed the building of the wall around 5-6 feet in height with a gate to allow car to drive in and out. Also a pedestrian side gate. The wall will be built surrounding the parameters of our Tsem Ladrang guest house land. He will also install electricity into the land and acquire a water pump which will be necessary for the building of the gate. Water was already drilled on the land last year. And there was water on our land!!!  Next step would be to build the foundations, My bedroom, audience room, guest rooms, communal kitchen and dining hall, audience and gathering hall. It would be good to lay the foundations down this year. And then let it settle. If it settles, then we build later on top, there will be less ground movement preventing cracks in the walls of the finished building. My previous residence was offered up to my teacher Kensur Rinpoche when I settled in Malaysia. It is necessary now to have a Tsem Ladrang in Gaden Shartse Monastery. I would personally like to visit my Monastery from time to time yearly. So I hope eventually soon we can start building our Gaden Tsem Ladrang Guest House. The rainy season in India is just over so it is perfect timing.”







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